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Event : 4A’s CreateTech 2014, humans+machines+environments

Hanging with the techies at the 2014 4A’s CreateTech: humans+machines+environments.
Expecting mind-blown. For now, follow along on Twitter:

Social Media : Thought Leadership & Marketing Insights


Top Left: The industry is calling “native advertising” a new way of reaching audiences. How does “sponsored content” differ from “traditional advertising”?

Top Right: Laptops, phones, tablets, phablets – responsive design has obvious benefits; however, user experience varies from platform to platform. Is a one-size-fits-all approach the ultimate solution?

Bottom Left: There are many useful sources that provide pertinent info about the ideal times to post on social media. We find, that understanding your audience and their patterns are critical factors in determining an approach. Have a plan in place and then reanalyze that plan on a regular basis. When do you post and why?

Bottom Right: “7 Reasons Why the Days of Numbered Lists Are Numbered.” Effective marketing or clickbait? The numbered list is still considered by many Social Media pundits as a powerful tool for engagement. But with so many lists out there, are we undermining the credibility of our content and creating list fatigue among readers?

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Response : The Value of Viral

clientWho doesn’t?

Everyone wants to go viral. I mean FastCompany has broken down the science of it here. While the elements of: title length, run time, emotional appeal, etc. are certainty relevant in videos that have already gone viral… where is discussion of content?

As a creative in “content generation”, I find we can not overlook the obvious obstacle – what is the content? Finding and creatively executing the “substance” that is most relevant to your messaging – packaging it with quality music, appropriate talent, a snippy title and reasonable run time – all together, hopefully – will amount to a successful piece.

What is your expectation of “viral”? If you have thoughtful, engaging content – and it is well received, and understood by someone who cares, and perhaps can even influence someone who once didn’t know they would…(and of course, leads to sales…) that is value.

Editorial Design : Campus Recruiting Magazine

It’s quite refreshing to design for print – more specifically, having the opportunity to design for print and web simultaneously. There are frequent occasions where one may inform the other, but rare to be able to plan and execute what will be best for both worlds, at the same time. is the campus recruiting extension of (which is currently under a complete overhaul). The task was not only to design the entire look and feel of the campus recruiting communications, but create livening and engaging content, with what at times, is not the most exciting subject matter.


Response : New Creatives Report


Admittedly, sometimes it’s hard to justify why you made a design decision. You just, know. Yes, once in awhile, you may have to concoct some reasoning as to why the swirl, is actually a representation of humanity. Can’t you see it? It’s a person.

Design, is so much about how seeing something– makes you, feel.

And now, the real part– convincing someone else to feel the same. Carefully crafting the “sell” is just as important, if not more, than the design itself. At the end of the day, does the viewer – feel the way you intended them to?

“79% of Creatives mostly trust their gut, when making creative decisions.” – New Creatives Report, Adobe