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Response : The Value of Viral

clientWho doesn’t?

Everyone wants to go viral. I mean FastCompany has broken down the science of it here. While the elements of: title length, run time, emotional appeal, etc. are certainty relevant in videos that have already gone viral… where is discussion of content?

As a creative in “content generation”, I find we can not overlook the obvious obstacle – what is the content? Finding and creatively executing the “substance” that is most relevant to your messaging – packaging it with quality music, appropriate talent, a snippy title and reasonable run time – all together, hopefully – will amount to a successful piece.

What is your expectation of “viral”? If you have thoughtful, engaging content – and it is well received, and understood by someone who cares, and perhaps can even influence someone who once didn’t know they would…(and of course, leads to sales…) that is value.

Work in Progress : Editorial Design

Bold colors and flat design. Just messing around with a look and feel for a college-audience print and digital magazine. More to come.

Art Direction : “Private Equity” Infographics & Animation

Infographics can be a great, visual way to represent complex and at times, boring, information. But, designing them? Can be deceptively difficult. Any type of data visualization requires you to fully understand the content before simplifying it for your audience… and the topic of Private Equity – is undoubtedly complex. After much research and many questions, the look and feel of this video came together simply and clearly.

Work in Progress : Animated Type Treatment

Here is one approach to an end frame treatment, for a series of documentary-style videos. Simple type paired with just a slight bit of character for each piece.

Art Direction : INFINITE x MTV K

INFINITE is a 7-member Korean pop boy group. Their most recent mini-album has sold over 160,000 copies in Korea alone, and is currently the fourth biggest-selling album this year so far. In November, INFINITE performed a special pre-concert showcase for MTV K one day before their NYC world-tour stop. Design included an online teaser campaign, collateral for the event itself, video broadcast graphics, and promotional web banners. | Watch the full showcase here.